Bigpond is an ISP that is run by Telstra, which was previously Australia's only phone company, Telecom. Bigpond is Australia's 2nd largest ISP behind Ozemail. It began soon after deregulation of Australia's phone systems around 1990.

Bigpond has affiliations with AFL and a number of other companies, offering special offers just for Bigpond subscribers. Like all of Telstra's companies, they generally offer bonuses if you use other Telstra-related products.

Bigpond was also one of the first companies to offer affordable broadband services, offering $29.95 for unlimited access broadband. They did have strings attached, however, in that you had to sign up for 24 months (2 years) and if you went beyond their tiny download limits then you were charged huge amounts excess.

Nonetheless, Bigpond's prices have remained equal or roughly equal to its competitors. Ozemail has managed to provide cheaper services, and phone companies such as Optus and AAPT have also managed to provide cheaper services for loyalty customers, whilst Dodo remains the cheapest of them all, but also the worst quality. Other companies such as Internode have offered a more expensive service, but one which tries to be the best value for money. AOL Australia has offered a cheap service, but not as nasty as Dodo's.