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If you reached this page because you are trying to create a new user account, and need help, please contact info@encyc.org

Administrators are Encyc users who are given extra privileges that make it easier for them to maintain the site.

If you contribute some to this wiki, then you might be made an administrator, so to speak.

Currently there is no formal process for selecting administrators. If you contribute to Encyc regularly and think that you'd be a good administrator, please nominate yourself on this talk page: Encyc talk:Administrators.

Administrator privileges[edit]

  • Blocking users
  • Deleting pages
  • Viewing deleted pages
  • Moving pages

Administrator responsibilities[edit]

  • Use your powers to help maintain the site, i.e. vandal-fighting
  • Do not use your powers to gain advantage in content disputes
  • Redact personal information if found (e.g. names, phone numbers, addresses)
  • Enforce Encyc:Rules