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Encyc is an encyclopedia that you can edit. It is free for everyone to use and distribute. If you know something, then you can share it here. Encyc is a kinder, gentler wiki encyclopedia, with a close-knit group of writers and a family-friendly atmosphere. You can get to know more about Encyc by viewing a few random pages. A list of every page can be found here. We currently have 3,065 articles in our encyclopedia, and are celebrating our fifth year.

Writing for Encyc

If you have a head full of knowledge and want to share it with the world, Encyc is the place. Simply email your desired username and password to Star651, an administrator here at Encyc. The email address is You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others and that your version of history, science, politics, or whatever is easily accessible in an online encyclopedia.

If you just need to make a quick addition or correction, use the Public2 account. The password is "a".


This encyclopedia is written entirely by volunteers, and is not reviewed by professional editors. Facts are not checked. There may be misleading or erroneous information here. Please read our disclaimer before using this website.