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Encyc is a free wiki encyclopedia similar to Britannica, World Book, and the other great wiki, Wikipedia. Welcome, and we hope you enjoy our encyclopedia.

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Syzygium Maire

Syzygium Maire or Swamp Maire is an evergreen tree endemic to New Zealand. It is found throughout the North Island, and the top of the South Island. The Māori language name is Maire Tawake. Swamp Maire grows in wetlands, where it develops breathing roots in waterlogged soils, but is also tolerant of reasonably dry situations. The creamy-white flowers in autumn are followed by bright red drupes around 3 cm in length in late winter. The fruit are edible and can be eaten raw or cooked. The fruits are rich in antioxidants. Swamp Maire is sold for use in gardens as an ornamental plant. It is not related to other species called Maire, which are in the genus Nestegis.

Did you know ...

  • ... that the Office Assistant was an intelligent user interface for Microsoft Office that assisted users by way of an interactive animated character?
  • ... that Everipedia is an encylopedia-like website that uses blockchain technology?
  • ... that Dr. Tim Whatley is a fictional character on the American sitcom Seinfeld?

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