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82nd Airborne drops near Grave, Netherlands

Operation Market Garden was a battle during World War II. The Allies attempted a war-winning offensive through the Netherlands, across the Rhine River, and into the open country in northern Germany. The operation failed when the Allied armor was delayed and the paratroopers were unable to hold the last bridge.

It has sometimes been called "a bridge too far", which is a bit misleading because the main point of the offensive was to establish a foothold on the German side of the Rhine. Without that last bridge, all the other bridges become much less useful. In the end, Market Garden liberated some Dutch cities and reduced German V-2 missile attacks, but it also diverted resources from other parts of the front.

Did you know ...

  • ... that Sanger's Law states that online communities' cultures generally are established quickly and then become very resistant to change, because they are self-selecting?
  • ... that space solar power is the idea that electricity can be generated by satellites orbiting the Earth using large arrays of solar cells, then beamed to earth using lasers or microwaves?
  • ... that a capybara is a large rodent that lives in South America. They can be up to 150 lbs?

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