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Briolette of India

The Briolette of India is a colorless diamond (weighing 90.38 carats) that was discovered in South Africa in the late 1890's or 1900's. It was cut by Cartier into a briolette shape, an exaggerated form of double rose cut, in 1908 or 1909. It is D-color and a type IIa diamond, which is the purest type of diamond, with no chemical impurities or plastic deformations in the crystal. Because of its pureness, it is even known as the "purest of the pure". The diamond is set in a necklace, along with another diamond and a pearl. Its value is at least $5 million.

Did you know ...

  • ... that a wet cell is a cell with a liquid electrolyte, for example a car battery?
  • ... that Renegade Hardware is one of the most important record labels in the drum and bass music scene?
  • ... that stingrays are fish, sort of, with whip like tails that can sting, and they are sort of flattish?

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