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Scene from a 1913 film adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo, a novel with a revenge-driven plot.

Revenge addiction is a psychological disorder in which a person becomes addicted to thinking about grievances and retaliation against their enemies. This pattern of thought activates the brain in much the same way as narcotics.

Grievances and revenge are common plot devices in many television shows, movies, video games, and popular books. Many people grow up immersed in this culture that elevates interpersonal conflict, leaving them vulnerable to thinking in terms of grievance and retaliation.

This pattern of thinking can also spread as a social contagion between individuals. It can lead to outbreaks of retaliatory aggression in communities.

Revenge addiction can be a problem similar to drug addiction or gambling addiction.

Did you know ...

  • ... that explosives often used in war....... condensed energy... blows up.......?
  • ... that Heaven on Earth is a concept that through craftiness and teamwork, people can make Earth better and more heaven-like?
  • ... that a wet cell is a cell with a liquid electrolyte, for example a car battery?

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