User:Auggie/Statement of principles

This is a statement of principles from Encyc founder Auggie. It is modeled on Jimbo Wales' Statement of principles on Wikipedia.

  1. Please feel free to edit pages in thoughtful, conscientious, and respectful manner to continuously improve them. Our overarching goal is to make our content better and better all the time.
  2. We need free content - Contributors who donate their time by offering quality writing are to be appreciated.
  3. Administrators are here to provide a safe, pleasant working environment
  4. Encyc uses MediaWiki software - the world's most popular. A number of extensions are installed to improve usability.
  5. Encyc uses the Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike License - to be compatible with Wikipedia, because we believe in sharing free content.
  6. Complaints are looked at as valuable feedback
  7. Encyc assumes visitors have average reading ability - It fills the need for an online, general-interest encyclopedia that is about as readable as USA Today. Encyc avoids jargon, academic terms, rambling sentence structures, and other language that gets in the way of effective communication.
  8. The Management shall stay out of the way - Wikis work best as communities of equals.
  9. Encyc should not hurt people - Users are discouraged from publishing personal information or conducting extended campaigns to present living people in a bad light.
  10. Encyc is a general-interest encyclopedia, but it is also not paper - Users should be given wide latitude to express themselves
  11. Encyc wiki code should be understandable by a layperson - Encyc shall not lose the wiki-way and make editing a page something that only a computer programmer feels comfortable doing.
  12. Encyc strives to be as inclusive as possible - Want to write an article about your favorite Pokemon? Go ahead.
  13. Encyc is appropriate for high school students to use - We will do our best to remove objectionable content.
  14. Encyc is mobile-friendly - Encyc articles are concise, clearly formatted, and mobile-friendly. The Encyc mobile experience is superior to any other general-interest wiki encyclopedia.