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Hello, Encyc. This is Star651. I am a wiki sysop here at Encyc. I started writing here in 2010, but got my sysop rights in May 2011. I am a visually impaired user. I've been using wikis for a long time. Ever since 2007, if I wanted to know something, I'd use Wikipedia. I didn't realize anyone could edit until a year later, but that didn't stop me from using it. In November 2009, I submitted my first article to a wiki. To be specific, the wiki was Uncyclopedia, the laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy wiki with thousands of pages of great comedy. Uncyclopedia admins really hated me and banned me. I talked to Wikia, to whom Uncyclopedia is now part of, on methods of how to contact wiki admins. They kept saying, "If Uncyclopedia doesn't like you, go to another wiki site." I didn't like their advice at first, but I was finally convinced. When they finally convinced me, I didn't join just another Wikia wiki. I joined hundreds of wikis, from other comedy wikis to fan fiction wikis to serious mini-encyclopedias. Now, Wikia doesn't like me. Why they don't like me? Nobody knows. But, I still read the fan fiction on Wikia, still read the mini-encyclopedias, and still read that LOL hilarious Uncyclopedia. I then joined more wikis, like the out-of-Wikia Encyclopedia Dramatica, and the Christian site Conservapedia (I'm Catholic). I later began to seek out more wikis (I had a huge obsession with wikis), and I found Encyc, which is just ONE of the wikis I belong to. I like this site because I don't have to deal with the tough, hard-to-handle Wikipedia notability policies.

Other stuff[edit]

If any of you Encyc users are interested, I am a programmer and a musician. And as a musician, you will like my music if you like "Weird Al" Yankovic, AsianGlow, Venetian Princess, or Encyc's own Moulton. Out of all those artists I named, my parodies are more like Moulton than anyone else, with geeky wiki-themed lyrics, sometimes. I actually mentioned Encyc in the first verse of my "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies parody. The lyrics are:

"Oh my gosh, you've seen this website?
It's name is Encyc.
It's like an easy Wikipedia.
The only diff'rence is the notability guidelines,
They don't care if your subject has been mentioned in the media."

I'm planning on being a professional comedian. The material I'm working on now is for an album that I plan to call Spoof Loops. To read lyrics and download MP3 recordings of me, you can check out my website; a link to it is in the contact list below.


To contact me, you can:

After designing my personal website, I got this idea that I could hook people up with webhosts for whatever they needed. They wanted a semiprivate MediaWiki site, but they didn't know how to manage the control-panel on, they would come to a special Editthis site that I would set up. I call it Prosomawi Media. Prosomawi is a portmanteau of Programming, Social (media), Mailing (lists), and Wikis. So, alongside my personal website, I set up Prosomawi for people who want a set-up similar to mine: a Freelists list with a wiki, a Twitter and Facebook (and possibly others), and app designs using the above-mentioned programming languages. Prosomawi Media brings out the programmer in me. If you want a website designed, come to me. Right now, it's a free beta-test! Come to for details.