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[[Image:JoanCaulfieldKittens.jpg|thumb|right|Joan Caulfield]]
[[File:ButterflySummerEncyc.jpg|thumb|right|Butterfly with all of her beach essentials!]]
'''Encyc''' is a free [[wiki]] [[encyclopedia]] similar to Britannica, World Book, and the other great wiki, Wikipedia.  Welcome, and we hope you enjoy our encyclopedia.

'''Encyc is a vortex of modern civilization, a fountainhead of culture, and a blazing pronouncement of mankind's glorious achievements!'''
Encyc was established in 2008. :)  We would like to thank all of our users for their contributions and support.  We couldn't have done it without you. ([[cheese|block of cheese]]).  We have two mascots.  The Encyc sloth is named [[Pancake (Encyc)|Pancake]].  The Encyc dolphin is named [[Butterfly (Encyc)|Butterfly]].

==About Encyc==
Everyone is welcome to read and [[Encyc:Participation|participate here]].  Please be aware that like most other wikis we make no guarantee of validity.  Read our [[Encyc:General disclaimer|disclaimer]] before using this website.
It is perhaps the best encyclopedia like reference work to ''ever'' exist.

[[Encyc:About|Encyc]] is an encyclopedia that you can edit. It is free for everyone to use and distribute. If you know something, then you can share it here.
You can browse through an index of the content at [[Encyc:Browse|the main content portal]], or try viewing a few [[Special:Random|random pages]]. A list of every page can be found [[Special:AllPages|here]].
Everyone can edit Encyc. Signup today.
==One warning==
This encyclopedia is written entirely by volunteers, and is not reviewed by professional editors. Facts are not checked. There may be misleading or erroneous information here. Please read our [[Encyc:General disclaimer|disclaimer]] before using this website.
Participation here requires no registration.  If you choose not to create an account when you make changes to an article, your IP address will be recorded in the article history.

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