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HELLO EVERYBODY! yeah oh oh [[Image:JoankitchenCaulfieldKittens.jpg|thumb|right|[[Joan Caulfield]]YEEHAH!]uh oh]
[[File:ButterflySummerEncyc.jpg|thumb|right|Butterfly with all of her beach essentials!]]
'''Encyc''' is a free [[wiki]] [[encyclopedia]] similar to Britannica, World Book, and the other great wiki, Wikipedia.  Welcome, and we hope you enjoy our encyclopedia.

'''Apple pie everybody loves the apple pie Encyc is a vortex yeehaha hillbbilly [[culture]], and a blazing pronouncement of rabbit's sexy carrots!'''!!!!!!!!!!!
Encyc was established in 2008. :)  We would like to thank all of our users for their contributions and support.  We couldn't have done it without you. ([[cheese|block of cheese]]).  We have two mascots.  The Encyc sloth is named [[Pancake (Encyc)|Pancake]].  The Encyc dolphin is named [[Butterfly (Encyc)|Butterfly]].

==About trumpets==oh yeah
Everyone is welcome to read and [[Encyc:Participation|participate here]].  Please be aware that like most other wikis we make no guarantee of validityRead our [[Encyc:General disclaimer|disclaimer]] before using this website.
[[Encyc:About|Encyc]] is an apple pie factory that you can eat in. It is free for everyone to use and distribute. If you can play the trumpet make noises.  Encyc is a ballet school in France. la la la la
You can get to know us by viewing a few sexy ladies  pizza is yummy

Everyone can eat pizza. try noodles today
see how this works="plainlinks">[http://en.wikademia.org/ Wikademia]</span> is a wiki-based learning environment
[[Category:Europe]] oh yeah
dee dee

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