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==From today's featured article==
==From today's featured article==
[[File:Colombia map.png|thumb|Map of Colombia]]
[[File:Korean War Montage 2.png|thumb|Korean war]]
[[Colombia]] is a country in northwestern South AmericaIt is named after Christopher ColumbusOne of the export products is coffee. The main language is Spanish.
The [[Korean War]] was a war between North and South Korea that took place about 1950Following World War II, Japan withdrew from Korea.  The peninsula was divided between the Communists in the north backed by the Soviet Union, and the Capitalists in the south, backed by the United States, Great Britain, and FranceNorth Korea then attacked South Korea, overruning the South Koreans and their allied UN forces and forcing them southwards into a small perimeter around Pusan, the only remaining deepwater port. The UN counterattacked under General MacArthur with landings around Inchon and a breakout from Pusan, and the North Koreans were routed.

==Did you know ...==
==Did you know ...==

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