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==From today's featured article==
==From today's featured article==
''[[Aechmea Bromeliifolia]]'' is a bromeliad native to southern Mexico, Central America, Trinidad, and South America as far south as northern Argentina.
[[Image:ToodlesGalore.jpg|thumb|right|Toodles Galore]]
[[File:Aechmea bromeliifolia.jpg|thumb|right|Aechmea bromeliifolia]]

''Aechmea bromeliifolia'' can be found growing on the ground or as an epiphyte both in hot jungles and in arid regions at an altitude of up to 2,500 feet. It grows bright green leaves that have prominent spines and a bottle-shaped rosette. The branched inflorescence bears red bracts with greenish-yellow petals; the flowers are followed by black berries that are considered edible.  The red form of this plant is sometimes sold as ''Aechmea Schiedeana''.
[[Toodles Galore]] is a ''[[Tom and Jerry]]'' character, who first appeared in the [[1946]] short, ''[[Springtime for Thomas]]''. Toodles is an attractive female, white cat, and is supposedly [[Tom Cat|Tom's]] ''usual'' love interest. Although Tom is a reputed [[Promiscuity|playboy]], and had other love interests before and after Toodles. Toodles is the only love interest who appeared more than thrice, and is probably the most favored. During the classic era, Tom had to compete twice against [[Butch (Tom and Jerry)|Butch]] and even once against [[Spike (Tom and Jerry)|Spike/Killer]] for Toodles' affection, and he lost them all. Toodles is one of the most anthropomorphic animals in the series, with the only cat features being her tail, nose and ears.
Toodles is apparently open to any form of romantic relationships, even with non-cats, as shown in the end of ''[[Casanova Cat]]'' where [[Jerry Mouse|Jerry]] got to make out with Toodles as they left Tom and Butch behind, and ''[[Solid Serenade]]'', where she is clearly interested in a relationship with Spike the [[bulldog]], who tries to woo her by playing with Tom's tail on a [[double bass]].

==Did you know ...==
==Did you know ...==

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