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==From today's featured article==
==From today's featured article==
[[File:Earth Western Hemisphere.jpg|thumb|Earth as seen from space]]
[[File:Syria Map.png|thumb|right|Map of Syria.]]
[[Flat Earth]] (also known as the Flat Earth myth, flat-earthism, and less commonly platygeism) is the belief that the Earth is flat, despite it having been scientifically proven to be round.
[[Syria]] is a country in the Middle East, formerly part of the [[Ottoman Empire]] and the French Mandate.

It was a common belief in the dark ages but has been widely rejected since the explorer Ferdinand Magellan successfully circumnavigated the globe in 1521.
It lies to the southeast of [[Turkey (country)|Turkey]] and east of [[Lebanon]] and [[Israel]].  It is north of [[Jordan]] and northwest of [[Iraq]].  The capital is Damascus.  It was the first country in the region to let women vote.
It is currently undergoing a civil war in which forces loyal to dictator Bashar Assad have kept control of the capital but lost control of large parts of the countryside and some major cities.

==Did you know ...==
==Did you know ...==

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