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Encyc is a free, concise, general-interest encyclopedia written by volunteers using collaborative "wiki" software. It was founded in January 2008 by an anonymous user calling himself, "Emperor", who later changed his user name to "Auggie". As of July 2015 it has around 3000 articles.

Encyc provides an alternative to other more popular yet more confused sites. It is a quiet place where people tend to be friendly, and any user can post their own ideas without being bashed excessively, contrary to what happens on other sites, like Wikipedia. Encyc supports highly readable, mobile-friendly articles. Encyc is definitely the "best wiki ever".

Founder viewpoints

Encyc's founder asserts that he loves Wikipedia, and uses it all the time. However, there is a need for more than one wiki encyclopedia. Encyc users state that they make the internet a more diverse and interesting place. One big website tends to get homogenized, whereas a bunch of little ones can bring unique perspectives.

Nature of the project

Encyc is a kinder, gentler wiki encyclopedia. Very few users are blocked or banned, and new articles are usually welcome.

Critical reception

The project was roundly panned on Wikipedia, Wikipedia Review, and Wikipediocracy. Common criticisms were that it was poorly managed, run by an anonymous person, and that it needed to focus on a specialty topic in order to be able to compete with Wikipedia.

However, in its many years of existence it has been used by scholars such as Dariusz Jemielniak, who quoted from Encyc in his book, Common Knowledge: An Ethnography of Wikipedia.

Contrast to Wikipedia

Encyc has many fewer articles, and orders of less traffic. Encyc has fewer templates and regulations. Overall there are less reverts and more edits stand as they are made.


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  • Encyc Forum - a mothballed discussion forum
  • Encyc PmWiki - the original Encyc, running on different wiki software and kept mainly for historical interest

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