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Encyc is a free, general-interest encyclopedia written by volunteers using collaborative wiki software.

We're here because we like to write encyclopedia articles. There is a need for simple, well-written, readable articles that are easy to change and mobile-friendly. Encyc is all about making the job of writing these documents easier, by reducing the barriers between readers and writers. Encyc is sensitive to the needs of our readers and wishes to provide the best experience possible.

All content submitted here is owned by the original contributors and licensed under the Creative Commons - Share Alike License in order to make it available for the widest number of readers. It's the same setup that has made Wikipedia so successful, and makes sharing between Encyc and Wikipedia relatively easy.

Encyc has been in existence for more than nine years, and is experiencing steady growth. Write a good article here, and it could be read by thousands of people. Some users have copied Wikipedia articles to Encyc, and enjoy working on them in a small group setting. You can make major changes, and let your personal writing style come through in your work.

Encyc has no complicated templates, advanced coding, or byzantine regulations for you to worry about. If you have a question, please pose it at the Questions discussion page. Better yet, start writing and see what happens.

Before using this website, please read our disclaimer.

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Simply register an account and change any page on Encyc. Encyc users will notice your change in "recent changes".


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Why we exist in addition to Wikipedia

We are huge fans of Wikipedia, and use it all the time. However, there is a need for more than one wiki encyclopedia. We like to think that we make the internet a more diverse and interesting place. One big website tends to get homogenized, whereas a bunch of little ones can bring unique perspectives and do things in their own way.

Wikipedia originally aspired to be the "sum of human knowledge", but it is now overrun with deletionists who prevent articles about your favorite hobbies, writers, or businesses from entering the encyclopedia. We at Encyc strive to be more inclusive, and we will never ask you to move good encyclopedic content to Wikia. For examples, consider the articles Hefty Smurf, Pro Co, Basketball card, Clover honey, MXR Carbon Copy, and Heed the Thunder.

Wikipedia articles are very comprehensive, to the point that they fill many screens on a desktop. Encyc articles are generally more concise and clearly formatted, and it is easier to get to the information you are looking for on a mobile device.

Traffic numbers

Your writing has as good a chance of being read here as any other place on the internet. Our small scale, freedom from spam, relatively high traffic numbers, and policy of letting good content stand indefinitely mean that your work here is time well spent.

Check out Special:Statistics, our internal numbers, and Special:PopularPages.

Scholarly reception

Encyc has been referenced in three separate publications.

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