Aerangis Orchids

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The Aerangis Orchids genus comprises many tropical orchids which can be distinguished by their lovely white, star-shaped flowers. The genus contains about 50 plants, and though they mostly originate in tropical regions of Africa, a few are also native to the islands of the Indian ocean. Aerangis Orchids, though uncommon in cultivation, are not overly difficult to grow, even by novices. However, they don't react well to sudden environmental changes, and like all orchids, plants are often lost to sudden changes in temperature or humidity.

Typically, these orchids are epiphytes - plants that grow attached to trees rather than in soil - and they’re often grown in hanging baskets filled with bark chip/sphagnum moss mixture. The best and most distinctive feature of an Aerangis plant is its waxy flowers, which are usually white or yellow and shaped like five-pointed stars. Not only do these flowers give off a pleasant aroma, but they also bloom with regularity.

A single Aerangis specimen can bear many flowers at once. Their leaves are evergreen, and their spurs contain nectar that is pleasing to birds. Despite their relative rarity, several species of Aerangis plants, such as A. Citrata, are sometimes grown by hobbyists, and there are also a few hybrids available to orchid aficionados and botanical experts. Gardeners who can mimic the tropical conditions in which the Aerangis Orchid thrives will want to consider this understated and pleasant genus.