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Angus Ellis Taylor (October 13, 1911 – April 6, 1999) was a mathematician and professor at various universities in the University of California system. He earned his undergraduate degree at Harvard summa cum laude in 1933 and his PhD at Caltech in 1936 under Aristotle Michal with a dissertation on analytic functions. By 1944 he had risen to full professor at UCLA, whose mathematics department he later chaired (1958–1964). Taylor was also an astute administrator and eventually rose through the UC system to become provost and then chancellor of UC Santa Cruz. He authored a number of mathematical texts, one of which, Advanced Calculus (1955, Ginn and Co.), became a standard for a generation of mathematics students.[1]


  • Calculus with Analytic Geometry by Angus E. Taylor Vol. 1 ISBN 0-923891-24-2
  • Calculus with Analytic Geometry by Angus E. Taylor Vol. 2 ISBN 0-923891-25-0
  • Advanced Calculus by Angus E. Taylor ASIN B000UG784K
  • General theory of functions and integration Blaisdell publishing company 1965 library of congreress catlaog card number 65-14566
  • Introduction to Functional analysis
  • Calculus by G. E. F. Sherwood and Angus E. Taylor, Prentice-Hall, 1942 (3rd ed., 1954)

In the Media[edit]

Taylor is a major figure in Never Split Tens!, a novel based on the life of pioneering blackjack probability theorist Edward O. Thorp, by gambling writer Les Golden published in 2017 by Springer. Taylor was Thorp’s Ph.D advisor at UCLA.


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