Exploding kittens

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Exploding Kittens is a card game, similar to Uno. In the game, the person who draws an exploding kitten explodes and is out- Unless they have a defuse. Cat cards (beard cat, hairy potato cat, cattermelon) allow you to do something if you have 2 or 3 of the same card, like 2 rainbow ralphing cats or 3 tacocats.

There are different versions too. Original, first edition, party pack, and the adult version. There are some expansion packs such as Imploding kittens.

The game is super fun to play and strategic.

The types of cards are:

A defuse, a card that allows you to shuffle an exploding kitten into the deck and not take any penalty when you draw it;

A nope, a type of card that allows you to undo the playing of a card

A "see the future" type of card, which allows you to look at the top cards of the deck,

A Shuffle, which shuffles the entire deck;

And normal cards

In a single deck there are:

4 exploding kittens,