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Internode is the name of one of Australia's largest ISPs. It is based in Adelaide, South Australia, but services the whole of Australia. It is most popular in South Australia and the Northern Territory (which traditionally is a territory of South Australia).

Internode caters for approximately 50,000 different users Australia-wide, which puts it in the top 5 most popular ISPs in Australia, behind Ozemail, Bigpond, Dodo and AOL Australia.

Internode is more expensive than its competitors, but offers a fast, reliable service. It also has great gaming capabilities and prides itself on reliable support. It is designed for gamers and people who need their internet to be good.

As part of the service, Internode offers a number of nodes which are allocated randomly. This of course means that anyone who uses Internode cannot really ever be banned from anywhere, making it especially good for the gaming community. It can be bad, however, as certain places will block ban an entire ISP on a hunch, hence many people who use Internode cannot play certain games at all.

Wikipedia has a policy not to ever hard ban an Internode address.

A user of Internode, Internodeuser, aka Blissyu2, was banned but had the ban lifted due to complaints from the Internode community that it adversely affected too many of them. The IP addresses that were shared included several Wikipedia administrators. In spite of this, and of Blissyu2's refusal to use any sock puppets, a number of Wikipedia administrators have lied about the sock puppetry to ban several unrelated people, which later included people who did not even use the Internode ISP.