OJ Simpson

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OJ Simpson is an African American former star American NFL football player, who then became a commentator and TV celebrity before being accused of murdering his wife and an alleged lover of hers in a famous drawn-out court case that is one of the most highly publicised murder trials in world history. OJ Simpson was eventually found not guilty of murder, although he was then re-trialled in a civil trial for damages relating to the murder and in that trial he was found guilty of murder. The result of the case has divided world opinion, especially in the United States, where many feel that it is a racial divide, whereby most African Americans think that OJ Simpson was innocent and most whites think that OJ Simpson was guilty. The trial, the length of the trial and the guilt or innocence of OJ Simpson has led to much discussion and debate worldwide, for people who, before the trial, had never heard of OJ Simpson. Outside of the United States, few people had heard of OJ Simpson prior to his murder trial.