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Why my ban from Wikipedia should be lifted:

Justifications for me to have been banned at the time

  • I had made legal threats
  • I had made personal attacks

Length of the ban at the time

  • 1 year, or until the legal threats were retracted

Reason why the ban should have been lifted at the time

  • I did not make any legal threats. Rather, I asked that the Arbitration page be deleted, because it told lies about me, about personal attacks that didn't happen or were done by someone else, and that they failed to represent me realistically because they failed to mention the personal attacks directed towards me.
  • I was not aware that Wikipedia had a policy forbidding legal threats. I was never warned or told about this. Furthermore, I was threatened with being sent to police. My reason for asking for the Arbitration page to be deleted was based on those legal threats that were directed to me.

How I proved that I was a good user

  • Throughout my first stay on Wikipedia, I tried to improve the Port Arthur massacre page. Prior to my using Wikipedia, that page had 0 references. Until recently, all of the references used on the page were supplied by me.
  • I did not ever vandalise Wikipedia.
  • My aim was always to try to make Wikipedia articles more accurate.
  • I used the username Zordrac from October-December 2005 with over 5,000 edits without incurring a single block or warning.
  • If it was believed that I had been bad initially (which I do not accept), I nonetheless proved that this belief was either unfounded or else that I was a reformed user.

Additional reasons given for my ban being re-enacted

  • The attack sites policy was rejected by the community, hence my ban should be lifted.
  • SlimVirgin, who individually imposed a fresh ban purely based on this fact, has since forgiven me (the indefinite ban had nothing to do with the original ArbCom case as that had expired)
  • I no longer run Wikipedia Review after Somey stole it from me in November 2007.
  • This is not true, as the reality is that I quit from Citizendium, and they chose to enforce my departure.
  • I was banned from Wikipedia Review.
  • This is also not true, as my account was in fact hacked by Somey. I was the owner, so I cannot be banned from my own site. It was stolen from me.

Additional things to consider

  • I have never vandalised a single Wikipedia page.
  • Every action that I have made on Wikipedia was to try to improve the pages.
  • I have worked with administrators to try to make things better for everyone.
  • My departure from Wikipedia Review, and the justification Somey gave for stealing it from me and hacking my account, was because of my protests about Kato with relation to the Robert Black (professor) article. In other words, I lost control of Wikipedia Review for trying to protect people on both Wikipedia and Wikipedia Review.
  • I tried to make sure that Wikipedia Review was never what it was claimed by many to be - it was never an attack site, never stalked people, never spied on people.
  • Since my departure, Wikipedia Review has begun spying on people, beginning with the efforts of Kato with relation to the Robert Black (professor) incident. Jorge recently posted screen shots that further proved the spying.

Sock puppetry

  • I have never abused sock puppetry.
  • I used the name Zordrac on Wikipedia believing that my ban had been forgiven.
  • I did not ever use 2 accounts at the same time.
  • I did not ever vote in a poll or attempt to influence anyone with 2 different accounts.
  • The accounts Blissyu2 (on Wikipedia) and You Can Stalk Me, that are accused of being me, are both imposter accounts.
  • The IP addresses that are alleged to have been abused by me were in fact IPs that I logged in with so as to pass on messages to administrators who had asked to talk to me.


  • Yamla alone has accused me of being a vandal.
  • Yamla has disabled my ability to use e-mail, thus making it impossible to e-mail any administrators or to protest my ban.

My ideal proposal

  • That I be permitted to edit Wikipedia.
  • That the imposter account "Blissyu2" be unbanned, unprotected, and all edits to its user page, talk page and all contributions by that account be deleted to make a fresh start.
  • That I be able to use the account "Blissyu2" on Wikipedia as it is the name that I am most well known for.
  • That the editor who was most involved in my initial ban, Thebainer, not be permitted to communicate with me, and vice versa.
  • That the editor who harassed me and led to me quitting Wikipedia (prior to the ban), Antaeus Feldspar, not be permitted to communicate with me.
  • That I be permitted to edit the Port Arthur massacre article and related articles for which I have expert knowledge of, towards an accurate perspective, that presents the facts of the case rather than a minority viewpoint.

Concessions that I am willing to make if requested

  • I will agree to get approval from SlimVirgin first, which I am sure I will get.
  • I will agree to accept mentorship. I believe that Durova has agreed to take on this role if requested. I can be monitored by Durova for 3 months or even 6 months on a probation basis.
  • I can agree to not alter the Port Arthur massacre or related articles without prior approval of what I am posting, because of NPOV concerns. Because I am so knowledgeable of the case, I cannot accept things which I know personally to be blatantly false. It is also a very personal issue for me, and I tend to get upset about things which may not be intended to be upsetting, in relation to that case.
  • I can agree to use one and only one account and be subjected to Check User etc.
  • I can alternatively use the account "Zordrac" if it is desired that I not use "Blissyu2" (note: I do not wish to use the account "Internodeuser" as I used that name as a protest at the legal threats that were directed towards me, that had threatened to have me arrested. I was in effect saying "Come and get me - I have done nothing wrong").
  • I can write an apology about it to anyone who was upset by anything I said or did.

I may be willing to negotiate beyond that as well.