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Fierce is a DJ and music producer of drum and bass music.

Fierce has been producing since around 1996, starting with his early excursions at No U-Turn from the age of 16, to his involvement in some tracks like Alien Girl, Locust, The End and Tightrope on various labels such as Prototype, Virus Recordings, Metro, Ram Recordings, BC, DSCi4, DNAudio, Renegade Hardware and 31 Records.

He has had collaborations with Ed Rush, Optical, Matrix, Cause 4 Concern and others.

In 2009 he was representing his own Quarantine label, working with producers including Break, Optiv, D-Bridge, Nico, Survival, Noisia, Silent Witness and Ryme Tyme.

He released two albums, Dominion in 2007 and Zenith in 2008.

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