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Hefty Smurf is a male fictional character from the Smurfs. He is a smurf (a tiny, blue-skinned, elf-like character). He is good at building and fixing things.


Hefty Smurf is the strongest smurf, although he has no visible muscles. He has a heart tattoo on each of his arms and is an active sportsman, his favorite activity being weightlifting.

He tends to be a bit violent, as he's most often the one hitting/tossing Brainy Smurf. However, he's very kind to children and Baby Smurf & the Smurflings look up to him. His best friend is Handy Smurf and they are often seen working together on projects such as building and maintaining the Smurf Dam. His blunt but practical nature provides a contrast to Handy's creative and enthusiastic personality.

Hefty's catchprase is "he should exercise" as he believes it to be the solution to almost every problem.

Hefty Smurf had the starring role in at least two Game Boy games, such as "The Smurfs" (where he has to rescue three smurfs kidnapped by Gargamel) and "The Smurf's Nightmare" (where he has to rescue several other smurfs from their own dreams caused by Gargamel).

Hefty is voiced by Frank Welker in the cartoon. Of all the smurfs he has the deepest singing voice. For a secondary character he plays some important roles, such as being the one to discover Smurfette in the forest. In the episode "Hefty's Heart" Gargamel infects Hefty with the "Yellow Hate Disease". The heart tattoo is replaced with a X and he becomes antagonistic and cruel. The smurfs attempt to reach out to him but the spell is too strong. Only when Gargamel threatens the other smurfs' lives does Hefty manage to overcome the hateful emotions and rescue his friends. The heart reappears on his arm at the end of the episode as Papa implies that kindness and empathy are the greatest strengths Hefty possesses. In the episode "The Comet Is Coming" Hefty alone is unwilling to believe that a comet heralds the end of the world because "nothing that unsmurfy could ever happen". It is his faith that gives him the courage to leave the village and learn the truth, even when the others plead with him not to go lest he die alone.

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