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Skynet is a producer of drum and bass music from the United Kingdom. He started producing music around 1997 and is known for his collaborations with Stakka, whom he met first in 1996. Together they produced three albums, called Voyager, Blazin, and Clockwork.

Additionally to his cooperation with Stakka, he has also worked with other artists such as Dom & Roland, Konflict, K-Tee, Skinny, and others.

Despite the success of their partnership, which lasted from 1998 to 2003 circa, Skynet decided to quit working together with Stakka, because, according to his words, "It was like a marriage without the love. I felt restricted and needed to move on".

He kept producing music and released a new album, "Sentient", in 2008, featuring Dom & Roland, Chuck Treece, Ben Peeler and Leiana.[1]

He has also produced dubstep music as the style became more popular in recent years.


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