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Dom & Roland is a british DJ and producer of drum and bass music. The name Dom & Roland is usually confused as a name for a group, but in reality there's only one person. The "Roland" actually refers to his Roland S760 sampler.

His parents were opera singers and he was taught both piano and trombone at school. He grew up in London with the early rave scene, and he started producing when a friend told him that all he needed was a sampler and a computer. Most "bedroom producers" used Akai s1000 samplers, and Dom, wanting to be different, purchased a Roland S760.

Before deciding to become a musician, he was going to become an architect, and he has stated that while producing tracks he visualizes futuristic cities and buildings.

He started releasing records in 1994 under No-U-Turn records, a small independent label in the UK. In 1996 he was discovered by Moving Shadow recordings, and signed a three album deal with them. Thanks to his early successes, Dom convinced his bank manager to lend him enough money to upgrade his home studio to professional standards. He was chosen to collaborate on Moving Shadow's 100th release, Distorted Dreams (SH100) along with Timecode and Goldie.

He also released records on other drum and bass labels such as 31 recs, Prototype, and Renegade Hardware. After fulfilling his contract with Moving Shadow with the production of three albums, he started his own label Dom & Roland Productions (abbreviated as DRP) in 2005.

In 1998 he released his first album, Industry, which was well received. The album was so popular that it reached the third place on the Music Week Independent Album Chart during the first two weeks of its existence. Several BBC documentaries also used sections of this album for their theme music including Merseyside blues, a popular police reality series, in 1999.

In 2001 he was commissioned (with Derrick May and Surgeon) to write five exclusive pieces of music for Midnight Club, a videogame for the Playstation 2. These musics were released later on Moving Shadow. He also wrote some tracks for the videogame Rollcage Stage II. [1]

He continues to write music for videogame companies, such as Rockstar North.

Dom has engineered for and worked with several other prominent drum and bass artists, such as Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Gridlok, Skynet, Kemal, Audio, AK1200 and others. Dom is credited with the invention of a widely used sample, the Tramen break, which he created during sessions as engineer for Trace.


Industry (1998)[edit]

  1. Thunder
  2. Connected
  3. Spirit Train
  4. Elektra
  5. City
  6. Chained On Two Sides
  7. Time Frame
  8. Industry
  9. Remote View
  10. Kinetic

Back for the Future (2002)[edit]

  1. Can't Punish Me
  2. Killa Bullet
  3. Sky Spirits
  4. We-Gee
  5. Parasite
  6. Drum Trip
  7. Rage Roll (with Optical)
  8. Cyba Space featuring Shanie - Life (Dom & Roland Remix)
  9. The Voyage
  10. Clip Kill
  11. Soundwall (VIP)
  12. Archaeon (with Keaton)
  13. Iceberg (with Ryme Tyme)
  14. Firewire
  15. Sand Gun
  16. Twisted City (with Keaton)
  17. Mordor (with Keaton)
  18. Biostacis - Menace (Dom & Roland Remix)
  19. Imagination (VIP)
  20. Moulin Rouge

Chronology (2004)[edit]

  1. Ethnicity (with Kemal)
  2. Just So You Know
  3. I 4 An I
  4. Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, Kaos and Karl K Remix)
  5. Break Out
  6. Future Life
  7. Rhino (with Skynet)
  8. Paradrenasite (Parasite and Adrenaline combined by Hive)
  9. Freak Seen
  10. Late Night
  11. Dance All Night

Through the Looking Glass (2008)[edit]

Disc one:

  1. Deckers Theme
  2. Minds And Machines
  3. Bump In The Night
  4. Bring In The Funk
  5. Get Up
  6. Glow Bug
  7. Through The Looking Glass
  8. Mr. Tuttles Nightmare
  9. Half Life
  10. Cycle Of Life
  11. Boogie Down
  12. Take Them Down

Disc two:

  1. Chaos Theory (with Hive)
  2. Moodswings (with Gridlok)
  3. Ritual (with Sketch)
  4. 45 Special
  5. Hear My Call
  6. Electric Smile
  7. Punish Me 2007
  8. U Do Voodoo
  9. Maximus (with Klute)
  10. Sanity
  11. Cyclops (with Vicious Circle)
  12. Sparta (with Black Sun Empire)

No Strings Attached (2009)[edit]

  1. Mind Feeders
  2. Tajitsu (featuring Noisia)
  3. Sylo (featuring Amon Tobin)
  4. Ice Age
  5. Mammoth Hunt
  6. Jungle Beast
  7. 1134 (featuring Hive)
  8. Alternate Worlds (featuring Timecode)
  9. Hypnosis
  10. Odd Job
  11. Peace Keeper (featuring Audio)
  12. Jedi



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