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Wikademia is an educational wiki for collaborative and open learning, teaching, and research. It contains resources for educators and researchers that may help make the processes of teaching and research easier and more functional. Wikademia is a growing wiki that has the potential to reach a wide audience. Students may also find the site useful for the learning resources available. Contributors to Wikademia are encouraged to start creative and cutting-edge projects. At Wikademia, individuals may write books, publishing journal articles, and even collaborate on original research. That is just scratching the surface of what can potentially be attempted at Wikademia. Its scope, mission, and goals are similar to other online collaborative university-like environments. It can perhaps be sort of thought to potentially be like the YouTube for original research, original ideas, collaborative learning, and creative expressions which may create knowledge for the creator and readers to absorb and benefit from.


The vision is to develop a location on the Internet that can be used to collaborate on and publish original research and new ideas.


The mission of Wikademia is to help benefit society and the individuals within society, both who utilize Wikademia, and those who do not.

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