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Christmas is a religious holiday observed by Christians in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It takes place on December 25. It is accompanied by feasting, gift giving, and acts of charity.

The idea of a winter solstice holiday predates Christianity.

Santa Claus[edit]

Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, lives at the North Pole and delivers toys to good children on Christmas Eve. He has elves make the toys with help from Mrs. Claus. He delivers them on a magical airborne sleigh pulled by reindeer. Rudolf is the lead reindeer because he has an illuminated red nose.

Christmas Tree[edit]

Evergreen trees are brought into the home. This was a pagan practice brought to the United States by German immigrants in the early 1800s. The trees are decorated with hangings, tinsel, and lights. Presents are put under them. Other items are the wreaths on doors and the Yule log.


Large strings of electric lights are strung up on houses and trees, sometimes being quite elaborate. The lights can be white or multi-colored.


The Christmas season involves a large increase in consumer spending at malls and similar places. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the start of the shopping season and it does not end until Christmas Eve.


Many Christmas movies have been made: