North Africa

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North Africa is the part of Africa north of the Sahara Desert, as opposed to Sub-Saharan Africa. It may be defined as the countries bordering the mediterranean Sea, namely Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

The majority of inhabitants are Arab Muslims, though there are also Berbers, Coptic Christians, and other groups.

In Roman times, it was just called Africa, and was the home of Carthage.

World War II[edit]

During World War II, it was the site of battles involving General Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps vs. British under Montgomery and later Americans and Free French. The fighting was compared to sea battle, because the terrain was practically worthless and the objective became destruction of the opposing army. At one point the Germans threatened the Suez Canal. It was modern combat in the sense that both sides were highly mechanized and used armor and air power in cooperation with infantry.