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Muffler is a DJ and music producer from Finland, who produces drum and bass music.

He has had releases on almost all top drum and bass labels, including Moving Shadow, Hospital, Dsci4, Commercial Suicide, Formation, Frequency, and his own SighCo Recordings.

His early releases in 1999-2000 on Urban Takeover were well received. Muffler has released, to date, over 60 vinyl singles, three CD albums and has been featured on various compilations.

Together with Paul Rae, he is running a record label called SighCo Recordings. The label was launched in 2004, with Muffler's "Showdown / Futureshock".

He plays regularly in many countries, in clubs and for festival gigs: United Kingdom, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Croatia, France, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, and Australia.

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